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Welcome to another surf season! The focus for Nippers is FUN, making friends, and building surf awareness. All club members are welcome to use the club rooms and gear as designated by the coaches, and we encourage you to get to know our friendly lifeguards.

For additional information, updates and important notices: 

Visit us on facebook - Ōtaki Surf Club Nippers - and request access so you can follow us,

Email or

Contact Carrie on 021 775 432.


Nippers must be 7-13 years and able to swim 2 lengths of Haruatai pool without stopping, followed by 1 minute treading water. This must be completed before ANY beach sessions can be attended.


All nippers are expected to attend both pool and beach sessions. The pool sessions run for approx 9 months of the year whilst the beach session run from Nov to March (exact dates TBC).


At all times, Nippers must follow the coaches’ /lifeguards’ instructions. Please remind your child before each session to raise their hand in the water if they need assistance.


Tight-fitting togs (no board shorts), wetsuit, towel, water, sunscreen.


A high viz vest will be allocated to each paid-up nipper for the season. This MUST be worn in the water at all times when attending nippers or using the club's gear. The vest must be returned at the end of the season, failure to do so will result in a $50 charge.


Please stay and help with the sessions as much as possible. Our Children learn from us and will love having you in the water with them. We understand not everyone is a water baby so there are also tasks to be done on the beach too, just talk to us and we can point you in the right direction.


It is our requirement that caregivers stay on the beach for the session to assist a child if an emergency or health issue arises.


At age 12, the nippers take a step up and start to work towards their lifeguard award which is taken at age 14. These nippers are now rookies. They will still train with the nippers at the beach and pool first and foremost but in addition, they are able to join in patrols, take part in the extra training and some fun 'rookie only' activities. 


At your 1st session please make yourself known to the coach. This session is free, after that you will be required to join up and pay the annual subs.


Beach sessions will run from November until mid March. Exact dates TBC.  We take a break over the Christmas holidays (exact dates TBC).


Sign in upstairs in the club at 3.15. The session runs from 3.30 until 4.30 - 5pm depending on the conditions. The session will run rain or shine. Please ensure your young nipper has plenty of fuel (snacks and water) for these sessions.


The club owns some amazing, and very expensive gear. Nippers will be allocated with gear to use throughout the season and as their skills progress both at the beach and in the pool they will be able to use more advanced equipment. BUT it is the responsibility of the nipper to look after this gear. Always carry the gear correctly (they will be taught how), never drag it and always clean it and put it away in the correct place.


Outside of session times, nippers can access the gear by seeking permission from the patrol captain (please note, permission may not always be granted). The nippers vest MUST be worn in the water at all times when using club gear.


One of the key goals all junior surf kids will work towards is obtaining their 200m badge at the pool. The speed and competency at which they perform this dictates the activities and gear they are able to use at the beach.


All nippers will undertake a few 200m assessments over the season, it’s a very rewarding experience for them to see how they have improved. 

  1. Contact The Nipper Crew on 021 775 432 or send an email with any questions.

  2. Click the Join Now button below and follow the easy registration process.

Once you become a Club Member, your family will be provided with information about pool and beach sessions, what to bring and who to talk to about how you stay involved.


Every Thursday, 7-8pm at Haruatai Pool. We take a break over the Christmas holidays (exact dates TBC).


All nippers must sign in at the pool.


All nippers must sign in and out at the beach. This is for safety reasons. If your child needs to have a toilet break or leave early they MUST tell the admin person.


Once signed out responsibility of the nipper is handed back to the caregiver.


As part of nippers (junior surf) the children are able to attend local carnivals (competitions). These are super fun events where they test their surf skills against other clubs. As a club we intend to attend some of these.


Subs are paid annually.

Individual Lifeguard membership - $90

Junior Surf membership - $90

Family membership - $150

Associate membership - $40


Our bank and GST details are as follows: ANZ 01 0721 0004757 00 GST no. 19 035 654

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