Junior Surf (known over the years as Nippers) is for keen kids aged between 7 and 13 years, inclusive. 
If you're interested in seeing your child develop fitness, confidence in the water and the skills to keep themselves safe at the beach then involvement in the Junior Surf programme is the ideal way to go.  

At Otaki Surf Lifesaving Club the focus has always been upon families having fun together and nowhere is this more true than at Junior Surf training sessions. Each weekend, and sometimes more often, you'll see 40 or 50 people on the beach doing fun activities in the sun and in the surf. Swimming, running and using surf craft are at the top of every nipper's favourite things to do. Surf competitions are held at Otaki and other local, and more far away, beaches and Otaki has proud tradition of sending well managed, well coached teams to these locations. That Otaki Junior Surf members have returned with National Championship medals is testament to the opportunities for those kids eager to push themselves athletically. 

Safety in the water is at the top of every parent's mind and is, for the Club, the most important element of any Junior Surf session. To use craft, each Junior Surf member must demonstrate their ability in the water by swimming 200 metres in the pool. But don't be put off by the need for your child to be a good swimmer - the only requirement for new members is that they can swim a length of the local 33m pool without stopping or touching the bottom and qualified Lifeguards are always on hand to ensure children's safety in the surf.

For further information, please feel free to download the Nipper Information Sheet here.

Most Junior Surf members go on to become Surf Lifeguards when they turn 14 years. Having had prior experience of the surf and the Surf Club is a real advantage and many of the Club's most dedicated lifeguards began their memberships as Nippers learning the ropes as young kids. 

Surf safety and awareness are key to enjoying all that New Zealand has to offer. Join Junior Surf and a whole world of fun and personal development opens up to your child and family. In fact, Otaki Surf Lifesaving Club has instructed and trained the parents of heaps of Junior Surf members and many of those parents have become expert coaches and confident Surf Lifeguards in their own right.

How do I join OSLSC's Junior Surf Programme?

  1. Contact Kirsty Doyle on 021 102 0058 or send her an email with any questions.
  2. Click the Join Now button below and follow the easy registration process.

Once you become a Club Member, your family will be provided with information about pool and beach sessions, what to bring and who to talk to about how you stay involved.

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